Current projects

Currently, CTOPTIMAL focuses on three projects: AI Logistic, AI UAV and AI Healthcare.

AI Logistic

Alongside with the birth of Logiinds Corporation, Logistic Lab was created as a part of CTOPTIMAL, with the goal of building a logistics platform for logistic companies around the world. AI logistic project aims to solve several optimization problems in Logistics and Supply chain. We are building the platform of AI solutions for optimizing Logistic Systems through the two main topics:

  • Routing
  • Inventory

AI Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

This project aims to integrate AI technology into UAVs. We develop advanced AI solutions based on mathematical optimization and machine learning for:

  • UAV autonomous: Navigation and Energy optimizaion
  • UAV task allocation

AI Healthcare

The need to exploit AI solutions in healthcare is great and has become more and more urgent when the volume of data is growing. We are focusing on:

  • Diagnosis/ treatment verification
  • Diagnosing disease from general examination results
  • Diagnosing cardiovascular disease based on electrocardiogram/image